AGF Blendy Healthy Drip & Stick Packaging


AGF Blendy "Healthy Drip & Stick" is a new coffee product series that appeal to who loves to drink coffee while having health awareness. There are 4 kinds of products, 1 for drip coffee filter bag type, 3 for instant cafe au lait stick types. 

Caffeine 97% cut drip coffee filter bag

Caffeine 97% cut instant cafe au lait stick

Calcium & Vitamin D plus instant cafe au lait stick

Oligosaccharide plus instant stick cafe au lait

AGF Blendy Healthy Drip & Stick Series


The Making of AGF Healthy Drip & Stick Package

Every time it comes to packaging projects, all designers in Grand Design would get involved and design a significant amount of design comps for the proposal. 

For this case, after the client's selection and a market research survey on several designs, my design was selected. This is my first time to put my packaging design comp into practice. Everything was fresh, including managing the pre-production meeting before the photo shooting. I learned many tiny details about design for food industry. 

· Project period: Mar-Aug 2017
· Product release: Aug 2018
· Client: Ajinomoto AGF, Inc.
· Art Direction: Kenji Umetani (ADK), Takafumi Tsujino (Grand Design)
· Designer: Peiyun Lin (Grand Design)
· Photographer: Takaomi Watanabe (VISIONARY VANGUARD)
· Coordinator: Midori Ogasawara

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