Bian Dang CI


Bian Dang is a Taiwanese cuisine brand, comprising 2 mobile street food stalls and a fixed outlet at Camden market, London UK. Operating primarily through KERB, Bian Dang regularly appears at various market locations and also caters for private events. They are currently investigating further expansion into a fixed outlet at an Asian food market in north London.


Although Bian Dang is popular and trusted, Bian Dang is not engaged for private events as much as the would like. Also they do not receive the press coverage/reviews that other brands seems to. 


I proposed 3 design directions for them. 

A- Minor changes of the original logo

B- B&D shape for a clearer look of the logo

C- Playing Chinese characters of Bian Dang(便當)

At first they chose direction C and asked me instead of Chinese, do the English version. I do love the result of the logo mark that I designed, but as a logo, it would be easier to play with if it's with Chinese characters. We can still put English brand name below the mark to separate the mark and the typo but it would be redundant with double English characters "Bian Dang". 


Final design

We went back to using Chinese characters.  For Taiwanese/Chinese, even Japanese markets, they can understand the meaning of the mark quickly. For western markets, they can still understand it's about Asian culture. We have a bunch of stuff in a lunch box so I designed a container for the logo mark. 

As for the colour, I changed the original purple to a more professional blue purple with a red for passion. And I added an accent colour light blue for the highlights. 

· Project period: Jun-Aug 2019
· Client: Bian Dang
· Designer: Peiyun Lin


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