"Gyokaiyogo (魚界用語, ぎょかい ようご)" is a Instagram based project that shows what Japanese design terms I had learned while working in Grand Design Inc., Tokyo.

How did the project begin?

All designers in Grand Design Inc. were told to have any project apart from work. At first, I chose to promote "Oh Owl," which was a brand that I made to set up booths in Kyoto craft markets, selling the oversupplied owl stuffed bag charms made by my mom. However, I am not that fancy to owl characters, so I wasn't really intent on the project. 

I decided make some change, changing it to a completely different project. Then I started thinking about what I had got from the company. There are so many design terms that I didn't know until I started working in the design agency, even the average Japanese don't know. I decided to share what I have learned to the people who is interested in Japan design industry, but how? I chose to use fish character because I like fish. (not a strong reason I know)

I even studied and took a test about fish in Japan, hoping that would make me more professional. I got level 3.

The naming

 "業界用語 (ぎょうかい ようご)" means "industry terms." The pronunciation of the word "魚界", is similar to "業界," so I named the project "魚界用語 (ぎょかい ようご)." 

Gyokaiyogo Instagram

Here is the Gyokaiyogo Instagram account, still updating!

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