Oisix Jitanmama Campaign


Oisix is an online shopping service for whole foods. We created "Jitanmama", a sub-brand of Oisix that delicates for working mothers. We took a survey and analysed the needs to the mothers, created contents, and launch a landing page that full of collaboration campaigns good for mums.

The First Phase

Discounted price of "Frugura," cereal from Calbee, free meal kit "KitOisix" from Oisix, free cleaning service from Kajitaku. 

The client took the survey that we had made for us, giving us the raw data.

I turned the raw data into a clear information by using Microsoft Excel. I took the graphs as my base content of the web design.

We thought we can do all seasons so we did 4 versions of illustrations in advance.  However, things changed when it turned to the second phase... 


The Second Phase

Due to the change of appliance companies, we were asked to redesign the image of the landing page. In order to show the high-class image of the appliance companies, we used photographs instead of illustration. We had P.G.C.D., RIZAP, Kai Group, and Ikyu.com as our appliance companies. We bought the dry flowers and took the photos for our design material. 


The Third Phase - Jitanmama Food

Having another 5 appliance companies, we launched our food version of Jitanmama. This time we had Calbee, Glico, T-fal, Marukome, and Mychef. I designed the whole page.

· Project period: Mar 2017-Jan 2018 (3 phrases)
· Client: Oisix Daichi Inc
· Art Direction: Jun Fujiwara (Grand Design)
· Designer: Peiyun Lin, Miho Kariatsumari, Kotoko Hirata (Grand Design)
· Copywriter: Chihiro Inao, Rieko Hada
· Photographer: Junpei Kudo, Peiyun Lin (Grand Design)


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