Keep Taiwan Free Mask Design


About client.

Keep Taiwan Free is a movement dedicated to raising awareness about Taiwan's exclusion from the international community, and safeguarding human rights & democracy against the CCP's aggression. 

The plush bear has been seen with the US ambassador to the United Nations:


We are planning a crowdfunding to tell the world that Taiwan can help during Covid-19 with masks made in Taiwan. Use the mascot Formosa black bear to layout a lively mask design. 


I used the mascot Formosa black bear with bubble tea and pineapples to emphasise the image of Taiwan. Due to the limitations of mask printing, it's hard to keep your design in the middle of the mask. That is why most of the masks in the market were designed as patterns. However I keep the bear and the logo a certain size and it is designed to be still nice if it is not in the middle of the mask. 

I also designed the box of the mask. Putting a mask image on the box for showing clearly what is in the box. Letting the mascot to demonstrate how to use the mask for a lively and adorable design. 

· Project period: Apr 2021
· Client: Keep Taiwan Free
· Designer: Peiyun Lin 

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