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2020 was a tough year. During 2020, many people experienced devastating personal losses of loved ones, jobs, prospects and opportunities due to Covid-19. 

It was very different from Taiwan that it was not easy to get a coronavirus test in the UK even if you do have every similar symptoms, so people are trying to order kits online for testing. 

MediKit Global's Rapid IgM-IgG combined Antibody test for Covid-19. Order the kit, get tested and upload the results to our service on our web app or Google Play Store )

The MediKit Global App allows users to upload their test results anonymously. The results are interpreted by AI powered algorithms and in return the user gets access to local and regional test result statistics.

How to use the kit?


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· Project period: Jun-Aug 2020
· Client: Quick Energy Technologies
· Designer: Peiyun Lin (Quick Energy Technologies)


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