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Quick Energy Technologies Ltd. is a tech start-up based in London and we’re developing and manufacturing two kinds of one-time-use recyclable battery packs called the Quick-E Charger and Quick-E ChargeBox. I was in charge of designing the whole app UI and the graphics in it (including the logo) as well. 

Problems consumer face with traditional power banks:

Our target user is 15-35 years old young age group, heavy smartphone users. They usually have at least 1 traditional power bank already.

Quick-E Charger

How to use Quick-E Charger?

Plug in

Get a Quick-E first and plug in to start charging.

Activate it

We need your card details to activate, but we won’t charge you if you return it in a week!

Envelope it

Peel the package and you will see it turns it into a freepost envelope.

Drop it 

Use the app to find the nearest postbox to return your Quick-E by dropping it in.

Quick-E ChargeBox

How to use Quick-E ChargeBox?

Sign up

Create an account and link a payment method to begin.

Locate ChargeBox Stations

Use the built-in map to locate Quick-E ChargeBoxs.

Scan to Unlock

Scan the QR code on the ChargeBox via the Quick-E app to release a battery pack.

Return Battery Pack

The battery pack can be returned to any ChargeBox in our network, use the map in the app to help locate their whereabouts.

The onboarding for 2 products in one app

It was difficult to put 2 different products in just one app. However, the purpose of using our product is the same, to charge the phone. With this onboarding and the walk-through in the app, it turned out it is pretty clear for the users.

This is an app for 2 products

We have Quick-E Charger and Quick-E ChargeBox. Both of them will need you to use this app to make them work.

Sign up, log your card details

You need to have an account and enter your card details to activate both Quick-E Charger and Quick-E ChargeBox. 

Return the battery

Both our products will need you to return them to let us renew and reuse. With Quick-E Charger by dropping it in to any postboxes in the UK; with Quick-E ChargeBox by finding a place with empty slots on the map to go and return it.

App UI

With the map based home screen, you can find any Quick-E products nearby you easily. 

We also have some ads and coupons for people placing ads in.

Also in dark mode

Apple App Store screenshots

Google Play Store Feature Graphic

App clips

· Project period: Jul 2019-Sep 2020
· Client: Quick Energy Technologies
· Designer: Peiyun Lin (Quick Energy Technologies)


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