Sanrio - Back to School Campaign


It was a magazine advertising based project from Sanrio, Back to School Campaign started from November 2014. In Japanese education system, one semester starts from April. We presented 2 options for the client, one was with photo-shooting, one without photo-shooting considering about the cost.

At last, the photo-shooting one was selected. The advertising was printed on Japanese monthly children's magazine published by Shogakukan Inc. (株式会社小学館 Kabushiki gaisha Shōgakukan) , "入学準備小学一年生" 直前号 on Jan 2015, Pucchigumi (ぷっちぐみ Putchigumi) Feb 2015, and SAKURA April 2015. We also made banners for the websites.

Here is the shooting schedule that I made:

Here are the drafts before making comprehensive layouts.

The other comprehensive layout that we presented. (No photo-shooting one)

· Project period: Nov 2014-Feb 2015
· Client: Sanrio Co., Ltd. (株式会社サンリオ Kabushikigaisha Sanrio).
· Producer:  Hitoshi Takagi (DAIGAISHA Co.,Ltd)
· Art Direction: Msumi  Ishigawa (Tokyu Agency Inc.), 
                            Miho  Kariatsumari (Grand Design)
· Designer: Peiyun Lin, Yuki Fujiwara (Grand Design)
· Copywriter: Inao Chihiro (みりん広告)
· Photographer: Mitsuru Sawaki (BEAM×10 inc)
· Model: Ayame Kawai (JUNES ACTING&MODELING)
· Hair maker: NORI

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