That Coffee App


That Coffee App is an app designed for coffee lovers. All kinds of coffee beans available as subscriptions or single purchases (not only coffee beans but also a place for coffee related products), tailored to users tastes and directly from the source. As a marketplace, That Coffee App bridges the gap between the consumers and roasters by providing a simple, direct interface to browse the selection based on user's preferences, and manage subscriptions to their favourite coffee. Connecting buyers and roasters lets the user have the most convenient way to discover new and exciting coffee blends and tastes, and roasters get the best way to communicate with the buyers and sell directly to those who appreciate their hard work the most.



The main colour for this app is coffee green, the colour of coffee beans that have not yet been roasted, indicating young and flexible, also standing out from all the other coffee related brown products. Having all kinds of coffee related products in this logo presents all kinds of coffee stuff that you can do with this app. 

As a coffee buyer

User Story.

As a user, I would like to browse all the coffee before signing up anything. 
As a user, I would like to know if there are any discounts going on.
As a user, I would like to know how everyone thinks of the coffee I am checking.
As a user, I would like to subscribe the coffee so that I won't run out of coffee. 
As a user, I often forget which social media account I used after logging out.
As a user, I don't know what I am going to have for coffee...

I started the design with iOS first. The reason is that you must have an Apple account first to download this app. I got rid of other login methods because I as a user, when there are lots of options I tend to forgot which account I used to login. It's good because you can choose to share your email address or keep it private with Apple ID too. 

You can either register the account or browse the roasters first. After browsing if you found it's a nice way to start purchasing coffee beans or related products, you can have a go. 

There is a special page called "Inspirations" for roasters to upload some informations or tips for users to interact with. It would be nice a place for further development when we get more users. 



As a coffee roaster

User Story.

As a user, I would like to upload my photos easily and rearrange the order any time. 
As a user, I would like to know how many users are checking on my products.
As a user, I would like to know how much I have earned from it. 
As a user, I might want to buy other people's coffee as a buyer. 
As a user, I would like know which product is the most  popular one...

There are 2 kinds of user when using this service. As a coffee roaster, I designed a simple and clean dashboard for roaster users to check the views and upload their products with either iPhone or iPad. 

Dark mode

Also designed dark mode for dark mode users. 


App icon


That Coffee App brand coffee

We can also launch our own brand coffee for That Coffee App subscription. 

· Project period: Jul 2020~
· Client: That Coffee App
· Designer: Peiyun Lin


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